Welcome to Versys Clinics!

Versys Clinics Human Reproduction Institute is an Institute for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) with a complex- holistic approach, ·founded by internationally reputed scientists and experts.·

It is equipped with up-to-date technical appliances and top level technologies, and instrumentation that can compete with any institute of similar profile all over the world. Our colleagues are acknowledged experts of academic life.

It is unique for its complex approach in treatment of infertility which means that all related medical fields are represented. We provide a full service to our patients, whether it is a laboratory examination, an in vitro fertilisation program a gamete and embryo donation or cryo storage, or Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostics, or· Minimal Invasive Surgery. Our medical and convenience services meet every demand while our prices are below the European average. If you have used up all your possibilities within NHS in your country, you can turn to us with hope. We can proudly state that more and more healthy children are born by our help throughout Europe.


Budapest is one of the most beautiful and dynamically developing capitals of Central Europe. It is a city of universities and a cultural centre with a great past, where besides spas and other entertainment facilities, high quality medical services await visitors here. Our colleagues are acknowledged experts of domestic and international academic life. Our equipment and instrumentation can compete with any European institute of similar profile. To achieve successful and safe fertilization we apply all the known methods and we provide a reliable and quality service in other specialities too. If you have used up all the possibilities given by NHS in your country but cannot afford the costs of private clinics at home and do no want to risk your health in different far-away countries, then choose us! We can proudly state that more and more healthy children are born by the help of Versys Clinics throughout Europe.