18 facts about Versys Clinics

  1. Versys Clinics has a unique and complex approach in treatment of infertility, which means that experts from different fields actively cooperate for successful treatment outcomes.
  2. The Institute was the first in Hungary to introduce the periconceptional screening program in infertility treatments, in which couples undergo a complex status assessment that helps professionals in performing more effective treatments (nutrition disorders, harmful environmental factors, stress, impacts of lifestyle).
  3. The success rate of Versys Clinics in case of IVF treatments is up to the international standards and exceeds the Hungarian average due to our institute's complex approach and the state of the art technology we use.
  4. Our oncofertility team was the first built in Hungary and was solely given the permission for ovarian tissue freezing in case of women suffering from malignant tumours.
  5. Professionals of the Institute have an outstanding international experience and practice. The medical director of the Institute, Dr. Attila Vereczkey has more than 20 years of experience, and leads medical centres from 2001. Dr. László Nánássy, our leading embryologist practiced at leading US fertility laboratories for many years.
  6. Versys Clinics has state of the art equipment and uses up-to-date technology to ensure the highest international standards for its patients.
  7. In our laboratories and operating rooms the highest standard sterile air conditioning system provides pressurized and germfree air to ensure the most suitable environment for the development of embryos and the surgical interventions.
  8. The equipment and the culture medium our laboratories use are clinically proven to be the safest and the most effective to ensure the best possible results.
  9. This safety system of our laboratories and operating rooms are regularly controlled by an independent laboratory.
  10. Versys Clinics meets the ISO 9001 and MEES quality standards. pdf
  11. The professionals at Versys Clinics are engaged in scientific activities; members of scientific societies attend congresses and hold lectures at international and local forums.
  12. Our professionals attend international education programmes to grant our patient access to the most recent and innovative medical procedures.
  13. Versys Clinics is the co-organizer of COGI 2015 (Controversies of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, www.congressmed.com/cogi), one of the leading conferences in the field of gynaecology and infertility.
  14. Effective management and minimal waiting time are of high priority for Versys Clinics, we have no waiting lists.
  15. We are always at our patients' disposal to ensure they have all the necessary information to reach the optimal decision.
  16. The Institute is not financed by the national health insurance. The prices of the procedures can be calculated in advance, there are no hidden costs.
  17. It is a high priority for professionals at Versys Clinics to support patients in the process of becoming a parent not only medically but psychologically as well.
  18. Versys Clinics welcomes patients in a comfortable and harmonic environment with effective professional services.
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