Plastic surgery

We perform cosmetic surgery with outpatients and with anesthesia in all the fields of plastic surgery.

Surgery on outpatients:

WRINKLE FILLING: With a cosmetic treatment or filling, wrinkles can be softened which appear as a result of natural aging around the mouth, nose and eyes. There are some materials which are absorbed within 4–8 months (Restylane, Perlane-hialuronacid products) and there are some which last till 14–18 months (Radiesse – calcium hidroxiapatit), and some last for years (Bioalcamid).

BOTOX: Botox ® botulinum is a toxin which at the time of injection, paralyses the mimic muscles temporarily, so this way less wrinkles appear on the face giving it a younger, more relaxed look. Botox treatment is recommended for under-eye, between eyebrows and forehead wrinkles. It also blocks the opening of sweat glands, so the uncomfortable and strong sweating of axillas and palms can be stopped. The effects last for 8 months.

REMOVAL OF SKIN CHANGES, WARTS, BIRTHMARKS: After local anesthesia the changes are removed.


FACE SURGERY: The signs of natural aging are pendulous face skin, deeper wrinkles, pendulous neck skin, cushions of fat. Face surgery helps to decrease these signs or make them disappear partially or totally.

EYELID SURGERY: During the natural process of aging and because of genetic causes in menopause, the eyelids produce an excess of skin, fat pouches or puffiness appears around the eyes which are terminated by eyelid surgery. Upper and lower or both eyelids can be operated on.

RHINOPLASTY: It is the reshaping of the nose, reducing its size, modifying its state, narrowing the nostrils, reshaping the tip of the nose.

OTOPLASTY: it is used for the correction of big ears, and partially or totally projecting ears. Earflaps injured in accident or abnormal earflaps can be reconstructed by otoplasty.

CHIN SURGERY: With chin surgery the excess of the chin bone is removed or the shape of the chin is emphasised by using an implant. In many cases rhinoplasty is combined with chin surgery.

HAIR TRANSPLANTATION: Due to hormonal, genetic causes, hairloss on the scalp appears on mainly males. This lack can be compensated by relocating the patient's own bald resistant hair follicles. Depending on the size of bald patches, 2–4 procedures are needed. With one procedure 800–1200 hair follicles are transplanted.

BREAST ENLARGEMENT: With this procedure the size of the breast is enlarged with a silicone implant. The asymmetry of the breasts, the correction of empty breasts after childbirth, and reconstruction of removed breasts due to cancer can be treated with implantation. All the implants used at our institute possess EU certificate and FDA license.

BREAST LIFT: As part of the natural process of aging after childbirth, breast feeding or weight loss the breasts become empty. By removing the excess skin, using the existing tissues and returning the nipples, pendulous breasts can be corrected. In case of small breasts and emptying after pregnancy reconstruction together with implantation is suggested.

BREAST REDUCTION: By removing part of the skin, fatty tissues and glandular tissues, a smaller, shapely, lighter breast can be achieved. During breast reduction the size of the areola can be decreased too. The aim of breast reduction is of aesthetic nature on one hand and it is a physical relief for the patient on the other hand.

ABDOMINOPLASTY: Through the natural process of aging and because of pregnancy, operations, weight loss or fattening the abdominal skin becomes pendulous. During abdominoplasty the excess skin and fatty tissues are removed through a hidden incision in the bikiniline, so the abdomen becomes tighter and the waist area gets slimmer.

BODY CONTOURING: After childbirth, breastfeeding, great weight loss, stomach restrictive gastroplasty the larger skin excess is removed from face, arms, abdomen, back and thighs by this procedure. Face, arm, thigh surgery, mammoplasty, abdominoplasty and liposuction mean total body contouring. The surgeon performs the previous procedures on the basis of the patient's shape malformation.

LIPOSUCTION: Some cushions of fat remain despite diets and exercise and they can be removed by liposuction usually from neck, abdomen, thighs, waist, knee area, upper arms, buttock.

BUTTOCK AUGMENTATION/BUTT IMPLANTS: The desired shape of buttocks and enlargement of buttocks are implemented by buttock augmentation which can be performed by using silicone implants or own fat grafting and transfer from other areas of the body.

CALF IMPLANTS: Differences in calf size or shape are corrected by using calf implants made of silicone

THIGH SURGERY: Great weight loss and the natural process of aging causes elongated skin on thighs which lose their tone but thigh surgery reconstructs anatomical contours.

UPPER ARM SURGERY: The natural process of aging causes elongated skin on the upper arm and fatty deposits appear. In some cases liposuction is enough to remove the excess but in other cases the excision of the excess skin is needed.

SCAR CORRECTION: Badly healed scars after a trauma, illness or operation can be corrected by cosmetic surgery.

BREAST RECONSTRUCTION: It is possible to reconstruct breast that has been removed or injured due to cancer or trauma thus giving back the patient's self-confidence and womanliness. Generally, the surgery is performed in 2–3 steps with 6 months in between them.

MALE COSMETIC SURGERY: correction of feminine breasts, corrections after weight loss, liposuction, muscle implants, contour cosmetic surgery, face rejuvenation, upper-lower eyelid surgery.

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