We recognize that the treatment of infertility can affect people in many different ways. Both individually and together, couples often face emotional or personal challenges in their efforts to resolve their infertility and build a family. Because infertility can affect all aspects of life, the team at Versys Clinics has developed a range of services to provide couples with the personalized support they may need before, during or even after infertility treatment.

We have seen that the benefits of psychological support during the process of assisted reproduction are extremely high. Not only that, a positive state of mind may well improves the chance of pregnancy.

For this reason, it is very important for the couple to have this resource available right from the start of the treatment, and not solely as recourse when the situation has reached its extreme.

We provide the psychological help and support needed to deal with the process with a wider pool of emotional resources and the greatest degree of emotional balance possible.

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