Versys Clinics in Budapest

Budapest is one of the cultural and scientific centres of the Central-European region; flights arrive here daily from every country of Europe. This city with its pleasant and uniquely beautiful location awaits visitors with high quality hotels, enjoyable entertainment facilities, spas, medical services of high standard and outstanding cultural programmes. Versys Clinics Human Reproduction Institute is a place where all the methods and procedures known today in the world are applied for safe fertility and it operates just a few kilometres from the city centre but in a peaceful, garden suburb environment.

Steps of contact

Would you like to contact us or need more information about us?

1. Please, send us an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . In your e-mail write about your problems and questions briefly or the name of the topic you are interested in. Our colleague will reply to you soon.

2. After this exchange of letters you can discuss your problem with a specialist on the phone too, at an agreed time. If you feel you have been given reassuring answers and would like to move further you can make an appointment with our colleagues for the first examination. We can help to arrange a hotel room for you and can provide the most important information concerning your journey. On the agreed day we will do all the necessary pre-examinations. You have an option to have certain examinations done in a clinic close to your home after previous arrangements but you must bring the results with you. The time of treatment or procedure will be appointed depending on these results.

3. On your next visit we will perform the suggested treatments. We arrange everything in a way so that you and your partner sould spend as short time here as possible; thanks to the applied modern techniques you can leave for home just a few hours after the procedure or surgery.

4. You will decide on further visits at a personal meeting with results in hand.


If you have any questions, call our colleague at 36–1– 799–5120


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