In our institute we perform all the surgeries that are allowed within one-day surgery. Thanks to the equipment of our operating room and our doctors' knowledge the majority of these surgeries can be done with a minimally invasive (they mean little strain to the patients) laporoscopic technique too. As long as the planned procedure can be performed with local anesthesia (and if you choose this) there will be no need for pre-examinations by an anesthesiologist in a regular case, only for occasional internal medicine type examinations and lab tests which can be done on spot. In surgeries with epidural or general anesthesia the necessary preoperative anesthesiological examinations are done together in our institute.

 Laparoscopic surgery:

Inguinal hernia (one side or two side, primer, recrudescent)
Umbilical hernia, ventral hernia, hydrocele, varicocele

Traditional surgery:

 Hernias (tension free technique)
Varicose surgery
Proctologic surgery (haemorrhoid, fissura, fistula, caruncula)
Removing skin changes (naevus, atheroma, scar)
Removing under-skin changes (lipoma etc.)

General surgery-surgical specialist examination and consultation

– minor surgical procedures (e.g. excision of smaller skin changes with local aenesthesia etc.)                                  
– removal of suture or staples, dressing


– ano, -rectoscopia (proctologic examination)
– rubber band ligation of haemorrhoids, sclerotherapy
– removal of perianal changes with local anesthesia
– treatment of outer haemorrhoid nodes


– examination of vascular diseases
– sclerotherapy of varicose