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Andrologic surgery: TESE, MESA, circumcisio, varicocele, phimosis, scrotum orchidopexy, penis surgery


TESE the removal of sperm from extracted testicular tissue. The tissue extraction is carried out by a specialist andrologist from our team. The surgery is performed either simultaneously with the pick-up of the woman's eggs (OPU) or, prior to the planned ICSI therapy. The tissue sample and the removed sperm are then frozen (cryopreserved) in order to be used later in the therapy if necessary.

The tissue sample undergoes a histological diagnostics (histology) in order to ascertain why few or no sperm existed in previously tested ejaculate and also to detect or eliminate any testicular diseases.

The combination of ICSI treatment and TESE can result in a successful pregnancy even if no sperm have been found in previous sperm samples. Such a complex therapy is only possible with close teamwork between gynaecologist and urologist. In many cases counselling with a humangeneticist can be advised prior to the treatment.


MESA is the removal of sperm from the epididymis through a puncture. A specialist andrologist can also carry out this procedure.