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Address: 7th floor, 47-49. Madarász Viktor street, 1138 Budapest, Hungary, - I. Madarász office building | E-mail: | Telephone: +36 1 799 5120, +36 30 332 0670


Our professionals can boast an outstanding professional practice at both national and international level, actively participate in scientific research, disseminate and publish their results and are the members of several scientific panels. Versys Clinics staff regularly participate in international professional trainings, thus providing Hungarian patients with access to state-of-the-art procedures and professional standards.

Our experts:

Dr. Zsolt KósaDr. Zsolt Kósa
obstetrician gynecologist, head of IVF department
Dr. Marzia Abdul-KhaliqDr. Marzia Abdul-Khaliq
obstetrician gynecologist
Dr. László Landherr PhDDr. László Landherr PhD
oncoradiologist, clinical oncologist specialist
Dr. János KádárDr. János Kádár
internist, immunologist
Dr. Zoltán GasztonyiDr. Zoltán Gasztonyi
obstetrician gynecologist
PhD Dr. Éva MargittaiPhD Dr. Éva Margittai
medical researcher
Dr. Zorán BelicsDr. Zorán Belics
obstetrician gynecologist, 3D / 4D ultrasound specialist

Our embryologist:

Katalin SzabóKatalin Szabó
leading embryologist
László CsontosLászló Csontos
Éva Boglárka BogárÉva Boglárka Bogár
Nikolett TóthNikolett Tóth
Renáta FábiánRenáta Fábián

Surgical Team:

Éva Radványi KisnéÉva Radványi Kisné
senior operative assistant
Ottó MüllerOttó Müller
medical orderly
Erika FarkasErika Farkas
operative assistant


Irén Hajnal TóthnéIrén Hajnal Tóthné
financial manager
Viktória SzabóViktória Szabó
financial associate


Erzsébet LeskovicsErzsébet Leskovics
head nurse, midwife, infertility assistant
IBCLC lactation consultant
Nikolett KovácsNikolett Kovács
midwife, infertility assistant
Anna SztruhárAnna Sztruhár
midwife, assistant
Bettina SchrodtBettina Schrodt
midwife, assistant
Judit KontraJudit Kontra
blood testing


Edina VerschnitzerEdina Verschnitzer
Viktória BarnákViktória Barnák


Georgina Elek CsanyinéGeorgina Elek Csanyiné
midwife, assistant

Clinic manager:

Melinda DézsiMelinda Dézsi
Clinic manager

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